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Manufactured Products

Chemical Chemical Description
BNW 45 Acryclic emulsion specially designed as binder for fiberfill used in quilting and insulation as well as foundation garment.
BNW 55 Hard binder for non-woven fabric.
B-60 A Acrylic soft binder for non-woven.  Finishing agent for textiles.
BINDER P-27 Acrylic soft binder for pigment and dyes printing
QPVA 4000 A polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) adhesive suitable for paper, cartoon sealing and bond wide variety of substrate.
QPVA 5000 A polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) adhesive of low viscosity.
GIVE 625 PVAC based adhesive for woodworking and parquet flooring
BINDER L-40 Acrylic emulsion for adhesive formulation.
AG-10 General purpose glue based on acrylic polymers.
PST-110 Acrylic copolymer used for pressure sensitive adhesive to be used on stickers label, etc.
BINDER PRL A soft, low cost, general purpose resin used in split finishing, adhesive formulation garment and paper coating.
AT-100 Acrylic thickener, alkali, activated emulsion.
PB-553 All acrylic copolymer-binder for latex paint.
PB-773 All acrylic copolymer-binder for latex paint.
RS-300 Paint binder based on PVAC copolymer.
RS-100 Binder based on PVAC for low cost paint for formulation.
PVAC-102 Stiffener for fabric finishing
Reactant Resin Finishing agent for textile
Qualitiv TC Fixing agent for cotton dyed fabrics


Products for the Rubber Industry

Polymer-bound Chemicals, Processing Promoters, Special Products, Sun-checking, Anti-weathering and Ozone Protective Waxes, and Polymer Blends and Reclaims.
Textile Processing Chemicals
Product Overview
- Pretreatment
- Dyeing
- Finishing
- Coating
- Printing

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